*For Windows 8 usernames we would suggest creating a new Local User Account that matches the PID, logging in, and installing ANSYS on that account. This can be done through Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Manage another account -> Add a new user.

Note: For ANSYS to activate correctly, it must be installed on the C:\ drive and the windows username must match the student's VT PID.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ANSYS Software -> ANSYS. Accept the agreement.
  3. Download this file (under option 1)
  4. Open the .bat file downloaded and run (a folder containing various ANSYS installation files should open).
  5. Select the version of ANSYS required. (v14-5 or v15)
  6. Open folder Win64 (or win32 if your computer is running a 32-bit operating system)
  7. Open folder Disk 1.
  8. Right click on setup.exe and run as administrator
  9. Install ANSYS products.
  10. Be sure to uncheck ANSTS LS-DYNA, ANSYS ICEM CFD, and ANSYS Geometry Interfaces from the list of products.
  11. Hit Next until asked for Disk 2, browse to Disk 2 location.
  12. If a prompt comes up to specify a license server, enter: Port Names 2325, 1105, Hostname1:
  13. You computer username should be the same as your PID. Do Not change it through the control panel. 

Changing Windows 7 Username

  1. Find the "Run..." box or the "Search" box.
  2. Enter compmgmt.msc
  3. System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users
  4. Right click on your username and select "Rename"
  5. Enter your Virginia Tech PID exactly and hit enter.
  6. Exit the Computer Management tool and logout of your modified user account.
  7. Restart the computer.