How to Self-Enroll a YubiKey 4 for Use With All Browsers

Enrolling your YubiKey 4 as an OTP (One time password) token following these instructions will allow you to use the YubiKey 4 in any browser, including the Respondus Lock Down Browser.  This method should work for most other types of recommended YubiKeys. These instructions were created using Chrome as the browser.

  1. Download and install YubiKey Personalization Tools v3.1.24 (with graphic interface)    
  2. Log into Manage Accounts using CAS
  3. If using another YubiKey for 2factor authentication, remove it before proceeding
  4. Scroll to the bottom of your accounts and under 2-factor account, click “Manage Tokens”
  5. Launch YubiKey Personalization Tools from your Start menu.
  6. Insert your new YubiKey 4 to program.  The program should recognize your key.
  7. Select “Yubico OTP Mode” from the center menu.
  8. Select “Quick”
  9. Check Configuration Slot 1.
  10.  Uncheck the "Hide values" box to reveal the Private Identity and Secret Key.
  11. Click Write configuration.  
  12. When Pop-up appears, click “Yes”
  13. Save .csv file 
  14. Do not close the YubiKey Personalization Tool
  15. Click on “Enroll Token”
  16. Click on “Enroll Yubikey Token”
  17. Enter the Serial Number ("Dec" field on the Yubikey Personalization Tool)
  18. Click On “Lookup”
  19. Copy and paste the Private ID and Secret Key from the YubiKey Personalization Tool into the form. 
  20. Click “Verify Token”
  21. Place finger on flashing green light on YubiKey 4 and code is automatically submitted. 
  22. Click the logout link
  23. Click the logout link again
  24. Click Yes to logout of everything
  25. Wait for the green x and close your browser
  26. Open your browser
  27. Repeat steps 2 -3 to test your key

Note:  If you have enrolled any U2F (Universal 2 factor) tokens you may get an error, simply tap your YubiKey 4 again and it should work. 

If you need help enrolling your token, please call or submit a ticket to 4help or Engineering undergraduate students can visit us in Torgersen 2080 for hands on help.