Intel Wireless Driver Update (Applies to most Fujitsu brand tablets)

Mon, 2012-07-30 10:25
Issue Summary: 
Wireless not working properly on Fujitsu brand tablets


  1. Visit the Intel Driver Update Utility website. A link to it can be found here: Intel Driver Update
  2. Click the box in the middle of the webpage that says "Check your system for the latest updates". (A Microsoft window may pop up asking to run 'Systems Requirement Lab by Husdawg, LLC. If so, Select 'Yes'.)
  3. The Intel website should now list the Graphics, Chipset, Audio, and Networking (wired and wireless) drivers for your machine.
  4. If an updated wireless driver is available for your system, there will be a notification on the webpage saying "Newer Driver Available"
  5. Expand the Wireless Networking tab and select Download Now
  6. Double click the downloaded .exe file.(A Microsoft window may pop up asking to allow Intel to make changes to your computer. If so, Select 'Yes'.)
  7. The Intel driver update program will now run, install the newest driver and close automatically when finished.
  8. A system restart is not required but highly recommended

  9. ***If you are having any difficulties please visit the College of Engineering SWAT office for assistance!***