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Arena Simulation Software Crashing

Occasionally, usually after a Microsoft Office Update, Arena will crash when attempting to run a simulation and will not show an error message.

If this happens, please follow these steps to correct the issue:


  1. Open the Start Menu and go to Add or Remove Programs in the Settings page.
  2. Uninstall Arena, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Access Runtime.
  3. These should include the following programs (If similar programs exist, uninstall those):
    1. Arena 16.10.00004 (64 Bit) Microsoft 365 - en-us
    2. Micrsoft 365 Apps for enterprise - en-us
    3. Microsoft Access Runtime 2013
  4. Reinstall Microsoft Office:
  5. Go to in the browser
  6.  Click "Install Office" in the top right of the window
  7.  Run the downloaded installer
  8.  For detailed instructions, see
  9.  Reinstall Arena
  10.  Download Arena installer (Check syllabus for link if needed)
  11.  Right click on the downloaded file and click Extract All, then click Extract.
  12.  Once extraction is done, open the folder created and navigate to the MediaImage folder.
  13. Run the application titled "autorun" (It should have the type "Application")
  14. Click Install Arena 64-bit.
  15. * If the Microsoft Access Runtime 2013 installer appears, click install.
  16. * When Microsoft Access Runtime 2013 finishes installing, hit Close.
  17. When the Arena InstallShield Wizard opens, click Next.
  18. Accept the license terms, then click Next.
  19. Proceed through the installation clicking Next, then Install.
  20. When the installation finishes, click Finish.
If you have followed these steps and need further assistance, the SWAT Office will be open from 1PM to 5PM on Sunday, May 8th.