How to Print 2-Factor Authentication Codes

Wed, 2016-03-23 17:07
Issue Summary: 
How to print 2 factor codes to store in your wallet as a backup. 2-factor authentication will be required for all students after July 4, 2016 when accessing many university online resources including Scholar and Canvas.

Printing 2-Factor Codes

You can request codes several ways, but each code can only be used once and requesting new codes, will invalidate any previous codes. 

Print a set of codes and store them in your wallet for emergencies.


Method 1

Method 2

1. Log in with only your password to a site with 2-Factor Authentication (
2. Once prompted “Login with 2-Factor”
  • a. Select a device that can accept text messages (usually a cell phone)
  • b. Click Enter a Passcode
  • c. Click Send codes
3. On your phone, forward the text message to your email address (this will vary depending on your phone)
  • Android: Tap and hold the message with the codes. A menu should appear, tap Forward, enter your email and send.
  • iPhone: Tap and hold the message with the codes. Select the message with the codes, tap the right arrow, tap forward, enter your email and send. (SMS may need to be enabled for this to work)
4. Check email for codes and print.
5. Repeat the process to print a new sheet when low (note: this will invalidate previously printed codes).


Alternative instructions can be found at: